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The restaurant industry can be very risky. From customer and employee slips and falls to equipment damage, there are numerous risks your business needs to plan for and overcome in the daily course of operations. Yet, purchasing business insurance for these risks doesn't have to be expensive. READ MORE >>

Make sure you aren’t underinsured! Homeownership is part of the American Dream, and for many people a home is their largest single purchase and most valued asset. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize that their possessions and homes would be in jeopardy if they were inadequately insured and lost due to fire, flood or another disaster. READ MORE >>

Effective business insurance policies contain comprehensive protection and flexibility. Liability protection does, however, contain a limit. Commercial coverage, fleet insurance and business insurance components can protect both an individual and business, but expenses may exceed financial limits. READ MORE >>

This year’s West Coast weather forecast is looking wet, windy and wild as El Niño continues to strengthen in the Pacific Ocean. The ongoing drought in the West, mixed with the threat of heavy rains, puts residents, pets and property in serious storm danger. READ MORE >>

In industries that require a lot of projects and coordination to get the job done, there is a lot of subcontracting. The construction industry in particular relies heavily on subcontractors. Many companies find it financially beneficial to hire another company to complete work. READ MORE >>

There are numerous instances in which homeowners lack the level of home insurance they need. You may have a policy in place, but do you know the coverage amount? Do you know what exclusions are in place on the plan? Most people can benefit from taking a closer look at their policy to ensure it offers the type and coverage necessary to truly provide financial protection. READ MORE >>

When working with your independent insurance agent to build your car insurance policy, there are a number of provisions you can add that are beyond what’s required by law. If you have a newer car that you are still paying for, some of these provisions may be mandatory clauses in your contract and must be maintained as a requirement from your lender. READ MORE >>

It started in October 1997 in Mexico, when a hurricane fueled by El Niño slammed into Acapulco, causing massive flooding and hundreds of deaths.  A few weeks later, storms started hitting Southern California. Then in December, the skies opened up in Orange County in what meteorologists described as the biggest rainstorm in a century. READ MORE >>

The process of preparing to send a child off to college can be daunting. There are a seemingly endless number of things to accomplish in addition to the emotional issues involved.  While you do not need to buy all kinds of insurance as your child goes off to school, you do need to review the... READ MORE >>

You may think that you have a great health insurance plan in place, thanks to your employer. However, after visiting the doctor and getting the bill, you find that you pay more than you expected due to the deductible. How will you pay the bill? READ MORE >>

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