Insights on Buying Commercial Property Insurance in Newbury Park CA

Dec 14, 2022

Business Insurance

Insights on Buying Commercial Property Insurance in Newbury Park CA

Starting a new business takes vision and preparation. Part of this planning involves finding the right commercial property insurance in Newbury Park, CA. Here are important insights that will help you shop for commercial insurance that fits your business model.

Factors in Commercial Property Insurance Pricing

Here are some of the many factors that affect the cost of commercial property insurance in Newbury Park, CA:

  • Type of construction - Scarce building materials and sophisticated design are key factors in higher commercial property insurance pricing.
  • Age of property - The older and more run down the property, the more you need to pay for insurance.
  • Number of tenants - Having tenants rent space on your commercial property creates extra risks that drive up monthly premiums.
  • Location - Some locations are safer than others due to lower crime rates, which accompany lower insurance costs.
  • RC vs. ACV coverage - These values can be drastically different due to the depreciation of used items.

How Are Monthly Premiums Calculated?

The equation that insurance companies use to calculate monthly premiums starts with estimating the value of a building and its contents. That value is multiplied by either replacement cost or actual cash value. Replacement cost is simply the amount it would take to restore a structure to its state prior to the disaster. Actual cash value is the same amount minus depreciation value to account for wear and tear.

Summary of Commercial Property Coverage

A basic commercial property insurance plan covers losses due to disasters, theft, and vandalism. It pays for certain damages beyond your control. As a business owner, you'll want to cover your equipment used for production, so you're never in the position of shutting down due to broken machinery.

What Isn't Covered by Commercial Property Insurance

Your commercial property insurance covers a wide range of risks, but certain unique risks usually must be covered by a separate plan. While it may pay for a fire that burnt down your property, it doesn't necessarily pay for losses associated with the business. You may need extra coverage to get business interruption insurance.

Cost of Commercial Property Insurance

One of the first questions entrepreneurs ask on their journey to investing in a business is: what insurance do I need for a commercial property? The answer comes from your own research. Make a list of risks associated with your operation, then discuss them with an insurance professional. Businesses commonly pay between $1,000 and $3,000 per year for insurance.

Determining the Amount of Coverage, You Need

Your commercial property coverage needs come down to factors such as the number of tenants, property size, and location. If the building is in a flood plain or an area prone to wildfires, you'll need extra endorsements, which are special coverage plans added to basic commercial property plans.

Get the right coverage with Corbett & Associates Insurance

Everyone who owns commercial property or a home-based business should consider securing a coverage plan that protects their assets. Getting the right commercial property insurance in Newbury Park, CA, is crucial for business. Contact our agents at Corbett & Associates Insurance Agency to learn more about how commercial property insurance puts a startup on solid ground.

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