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You may think that you have a great health insurance plan in place, thanks to your employer. However, after visiting the doctor and getting the bill, you find that you pay more than you expected due to the deductible. How will you pay the bill? READ MORE >>

Most Americans don't give much thought to earthquakes and earthquake insurance. News reports about tremors, tremblors and quakes are becoming more and more frequent, so it may be worth learning the basics so good decisions can be made. READ MORE >>

Insurance is a wonderful thing, especially when you own and operate something that would be financially difficult to replace, such as an RV. Insurance should put you at ease, because even if something does go wrong, it won't cost an arm and a leg to fix it. READ MORE >>

Every year, we hear of great devastation from floods in different parts of the country. Many homeowners never give a thought to flood insurance, and rightly so, as there is little risk where they live. Others are required to have it as a condition of the mortgage on their home because of a high likelihood of flooding. READ MORE >>

Most people protect their homes, cars and health with insurance for good reason: they're important personal assets. Another personal asset that is ranked very high among people is their income and the ability to earn it. Without an income, your home, car and eventually your health would be impossible to maintain. READ MORE >>

The holiday season is rapidly approaching.  Along with family get-togethers, decorations, and presents, the holiday season poses a unique set of risks for property managers, including everything from apartment fires to a higher risk of property theft. READ MORE >>

We all know how important livestock is to a farm. The weather, diseases, market prices and other threats can all cost you money and threaten your well-being. But there is good news! You can purchase insurance to protect your livestock against a variety of events that could otherwise wipe out your business. READ MORE >>

A restaurant is a very different workplace than an office and as such, it has many unique risks that may not be covered under a standard business insurance policy. While some of these common coverages are necessary for restaurants as well, more specialized restaurant insurance is often needed to cover the ins and outs of the business. READ MORE >>

Boat fires are especially dangerous because passengers can easily become trapped as fiberglass vigorously burns and fuel tanks explode. Luckily, fires are easy to prevent so long as you remain cautious while operating your boat. Check out some of these fire safety tips to remember while boating. READ MORE >>

Having to pay for insurance that you don't use frequently can be irritating, but this coverage is essential for those occasions when you do have to file a claim. However, there are still many ways for you to lower your car insurance premium. Here are some of them. READ MORE >>

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