Types of Workers Compensation Benefits Employers Must Know About

Mar 08, 2023

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Types of Workers Compensation Benefits Employers Must Know About

In several states, it is mandatory for employers to buy worker’s compensation insurance. The insurance ensures that the workers receive medical treatment for workplace-related injuries and illnesses and are compensated for the loss in income while they are unable to work. The coverage is beneficial for the employer too. It protects you from lawsuits filed by the aggrieved employee.

As an employer, you must know about the types of benefits that worker’s compensation insurance provides to your employees. The blog will help you to understand in detail what the benefits are and how they work. 

4 Types of Workers Compensation Benefits 

If your employee is injured or falls ill in an accident at the workplace, they must inform the concerned authorities about the incident. As the employer, you are responsible for filing the worker’s compensation claim with your insurance provider. Once your insurer accepts the claim after assessing the situation, the worker receives the following benefits depending on the type and severity of their condition.

  1. Medical benefits

The benefit includes the expenses of the medical treatment that your employee may receive. The costs include:

  • Physician’s consultation fees

  • Miscellaneous medical care charges

  • Medicines

  • Physical therapy sessions

  • Equipment such as wheelchairs and crutches

  • Chronic pain management

The insurance covers the medical costs of the patient till they reach Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). MMI refers to the state beyond which there is no further scope for improvement in the patient’s medical condition. After that, the treatment costs may be limited to the level needed to maintain MMI. However, time limitations may apply.

  1. Disability benefits

If the workplace mishap leaves your employee disabled, the disability benefit may recompense for the lost income. Depending on the worker’s disability, it has been classified into:

  • Temporary partial disability

  • Temporary total disability

  • Permanent partial disability

  • Permanent total disability

Usually, the benefit amount is a percentage of the employee’s average weekly wages (AWW). Most states follow the two-thirds ratio when fixing the disability benefit amount. They may have to wait for 3-7 days to receive the benefit.

However, some states follow certain guidelines that limit the benefit to:

  • Specific time period

  • Limited amount

  • Till a certain age of the employee

  1. Rehabilitation benefits

For employees with permanent disabilities, who cannot return to work, the worker’s compensation insurance provides rehabilitation benefits. It includes providing new skills to them and equipping them to resume work more suited to their current physical condition and with a salary closest to what they earned before the accident.

Most states require employers to provide the benefit, and it may continue for up to two years. It covers the expenses for:

  • Occupational counseling

  • New skill training and certification course from an accredited institution

  • Other associated educational costs

  • Job placement programs

  1. Death benefits

If the on-site accident leads to your employee’s death, a death benefit is provided to their survivors. It also includes funeral costs. If the death occurs later but is due to work-related causes, it will be covered. 

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